What Is L Glutamine?

What Is

L Glutamine Good For?

And Can It Help With Leaky Gut?


What is L glutamine? It is a amino acid. This amino acid general formula is C5H10N2O3. If you would like to see the more complicated chemical formula its, HOOC-CH(NH2)-(CH2)2-CO-H2N. L glutamine benefits the human body for its important organic compounds. What is all the amino acids made up of. They are a set of complex molecules. Made up of atoms. Carbon being the foundation or backbone for the rest of the atoms. Which hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and in some cases sulfur. As a formula shows. Has 6 carbons, 10 hydrogen, 2 nitrogen and 3 oxygen. It’s one of the highest required amino acid for the body. It is actually the most proliferate amino acid in the blood stream, at about 35 percent. As will its abundance is also seen in the skeletal muscle, at 60 percent.It benefits us from the muscles because that is where 90 percent of it is created. Furthermore your intestines is the greatest consumer of the organic compound for the prevention of leaky gut.

This organic compound is under the category of non-essential amino acids. Which means it can be produced in the human body. It is one of 20 amino acids that are used by the human body. Why 20 you may ask. Its because only twenty amino acids are in our genetic code. But does not mean their are more. Science has discovered 500 known amino acids to date.

What Can It Help With

Their are certain physiological states that call for a higher abundance in our bodies. This amino acid is an non-essential organic compound. Which at some points in time contradicts its category. The special thing about this organic compound is that it holds a second title. Which is a conditional amino acid.

Is considered by some as being conditionally essential, particularly in states of injury or compromised immune function. After training, injury to the muscle cells occurs, causing our immune systems to induce the recovery process to help repair tissue damage to muscles.

Supplementing, essentially reduces the amount of glutamine that is robbed from the muscles cells to fuel immune function. As a result, supplementation may help to reduce the amount of muscle deterioration that occurs during training, because it is available in the muscle cells will be utilized for protein metabolism and reduction of protein catabolism.


L Glutamine Benefits

Their are many important functions in the body. L Glutamine benefits in accordance to the homeostasis of several physiological components in the human body. It has a role in many metabolic pathways. This organic compound works at keeping up with important duties and regulating its inner biological environment to the responses of it’s outside circumstances. This retains a healthy homeostatic function.


  • Helps with cancer patients
  • Turns off sugar Cravings
  • Turns off inflammation
  • Better metabolism
  • Increases HGH
  • Promotes cellular detoxification
  • Decreases intestinal hyperpermeability
  • Improves energy production for cells
  • Balance pH
  • Regulation of body temperature
  • Regulates heart rate

Glutamine benefits for women in numerous ways. Especially if she is working out to attain a fit, proportionally beautiful body. She is going to need something that will improve metabolism, increase HGH and shut off those sugar cravings that make sticking to a diet a lot easier.

Has been shown to aid in recovery, reduce protein catabolism, and increase protein metabolism.

Don’t fall for all those popular, gimmicky products supplements. That give you little results, plus the fillers and synthetics nutrients that are in them. A good powder multi vitamin and mineral and this great single amino acid can be a great aid. Probably it is all you need for your fitness goals.

Benefits for glutamine for men are just the same as our lady partners. Except that we will require some more then the women do. Because most of this organic compound is stored in the muscles. And men’s muscles are generally larger.


L Glutamine For Leaky Gut

L glutamine for leaky gut increases cell differatiation and improves gut barrier function. This means that the amino acid should promote healing in the inflamed sites of the gastrointestinal tract. By encouraging cell differentiation, glutamine ramps up the yield of the cells of the gastrointestinal tract.